Deidre's Hair Studio

Deidre's Hair Studio

Certified Hair Extensions - Services

Certified in Cinderella Fusion Extensions - $1400.00 & Up (4 hours)

Created an organic protein bond. We discovered the organic protein is the best bond that will not damage a person’s natural hair color or texture when applied or removed. We then traveled the world to find the most magnificent human hair to pair with our organic protein bond. After our tireless pursuit for the perfect human hair, our labor was rewarded when we found Remy hair. Remy means all the hair cuticles are in the same direction, allowing the extensions to blend, and lay easily for natural looking hair: tangle-free, clean, & soft. Read More...

Certified in Cinderella Micro Links Hair Extensions - $1200.00 & Up

I offer Micro Links Extensions, etc. Advantage is cost and speed, and short term nature of the extension.

Hot Heads Tape Extensions - 800.00 (2 hours)

Between $800 and $1000 for the initial installation, depending on the length and amount of hair desired. The cost to maintain them every 8 weeks is $175

Certified Seamless Hair Extensions

Beautiful, natural hair extensions.

Quick Weaves - 300.00 & Up (2 hours)

Natural looking

Weaves - 275.00 & Up (2 hours)

Bonding Extensions with Hair & Cut/Style