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Getting Your Sexy Back!

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Instant gratification. We all want it, but in some cases it’s really hard to find. If 45 minutes is instant enough....try the Ultimate Body Applicator, by actually applying it for 45 minutes to the body part you would like to tighten, tone and firm—tummy, neck, arms, legs, even face!


How the wrap works...
1. Your body naturally wants to break down fat molecules in your fat cells. The ultimate applicator has plant extracts and botanicals that penetrate into your cell and the extracts and botanicals promote this natural healthy process in your body. The applicator makes bigger fat molecules into smaller ones which allow them to leave the cell and get burned up as energy throug...hout your body.

2. Detoxification – One of the main function of a fat cells is to store toxins. The ingredients penetrate into the deeper tissue and get into the fat cell and release the toxins and reduce the fat cell and you get shrinkage without destroying the fat cell.

3. Improves the micro-circulation to the area applicated. Improves the overall health by getting good nutrient to the area.

4. Acts as an anti-inflammatory – reduces the inflammation in this area. This results in firming, toning and tightening by reducing inflammation and reducing (detoxing) the fat cell. *Drink plenty of water over 72 hours following the body wrap, this helps get rid of the toxins through the une and helps circulate the storage molecules that we release so they can get burned up as energy. 

Please visit //, to purchase your wraps (applicators) today!! or contact me @ 913-486-6208. The price for the Body Wraps are $30 each or 4 for $99 or better when you Become a Loyal Customer price!